Dr. Khalid Mahmood

Dr. Khalid Mahmood has over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, institutional strengthening and capacity development in the areas of human resource development, institutional analysis and reforms, sector plan, monitoring and evaluation, and public policies. He has been engaged in situational analysis and strengthening of Federal Ministry of Education, provincial departments of education, provincial bureaus of curriculum and extension centres including Directorate of Staff Development, and provincial textbook boards in Pakistan. He has developed internationally acceptable model for professional development evaluation. He has carried out research in the area of institutional analysis, professional development, and strategic planning. He has extensive experience of working with small and large scale projects under various donors and development partners including CIDA, UNICEF, UNESCO, USAID, DFID, GIZ, BC, Asian Development Bank, The Aga Khan Foundation, and World Bank. Dr. Mahmood has been working with leading Universities in Pakistan, including The Aga Khan University, University of the Punjab, University of Education, and University of Management and Technology, as full time and/or part time faculty for more than five years.

Working as Director Strategic Planning and Institutional Development in a USAID-funded Teacher Education Project, he worked with faculties of education of 21 leading public universities in Pakistan to develop their capacity, and lead them in developing their ten-year Strategic Plans. He has served as Technical Advisor Institutional Strengthening for more than five years in a CIDA-funded project.

Dr Termit Kaur Ranjit Singh

Senior Lecturer, ,Lead Trainer, ICT in Education Resource Distribution Center, UNESCO Bangkok, School of Educational Studies, University Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang.

Mr. Arif Majeed

Former-Joint Educational Advisor, Curriculum Policy and Projects, Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad

Dr. Muhammad Saeed

Former Acting Director DSD/Director PITE Punjab, Chairperson and Associate Professor Department of Research & Evaluation, Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Ms. Roshni Kumari

Founder & Member, Executive Board, Exploring Leadership & Learning Theories in Asia (ELLTA), Karachi