Piloting/awareness of School Report Card in Khanewal and Rawalpindi Districts


The School Education Department (SED) and Programme Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU), Government of the Punjab, under the Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme II (PESRP) introduced a School Report Card, to be displayed for the visitors to the schools. This report card is intended to provide the basic information on the general performance of a school. The School Report Card designed by an international consultant needed to be field tested for its format and contents in two districts of Punjab: Rawalpindi and Khanewal. The purpose of field testing was to make the card easily understood and make it more convenient for the readers to get the messages intended to be communicated. Besides providing awareness about the card, the stakeholders’ point of view needed to be obtained that how far they were able to get the intended message from the card, and how could the format its contents improved further to make it more useful for the readers/stakeholders. The card was field tested with the following stakeholders: a) Parents of the students admitted in the school, b) Community representatives/Members of School Council, c) Teachers/head teachers, and d) Education managers (AEOs, DDEOS, DEOs, EDOs, DMOs).

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