Rehabilitation and revitalization of Science and Computer Labs of 1000 school in 17 District of Punjab (August 2019 -December 2020)


The scope of work covers rehabilitation and revitalization of approximately 1000 science laboratories. This number will be achieved by transforming the existing state of science laboratories in government schools. FAME Education is implementing partner of the project

FAME Education conducted baseline assessment to identify present conditions of the science and computer labs in the selected schools of Punjab along with a detailed review of prevailing culture of teaching and learning of science and computer education in these schools. The purpose of this assessment was to collect data on the indicator against which the impact of the project to be assessed impact as result of the project interventions.

It is envisioned the selected government school science laboratories as becoming dynamic educational spaces where students not only become proficient with the use of lab apparatus and experimental techniques, but also develop a love of exploring nature through their own hands. These labs will become centers of creativity, free exploring experimentation and invention. In order to make this a reality, the current dilapidated setups need to be rehabilitated, and through capacity building and the nurturing of supportive systems, an enabling culture of scientific inquiry needs to become strongly embedded in these schools.

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