Strengthening institutional capacity for promoting research culture, Sindh Teacher Education Development Authority (STEDA), Education and Literacy Department, Govt. of Sindh


The Government of Sindh is strengthening institutional capacity of STEDA for teacher development in the province, using research as a main strategy to inform and guide the process of the institutional strengthening. A strategic plan for promoting research and to set research directions for teacher education in Sindh and inform and guide STEDA’s work in the province is being developed. It will guide the research initiatives in the following ways: a) providing clear research directions to guide and inform STEDA’s work (and TE in Sindh in general), b) Identifying relevant and significant themes or topics for future research to be undertaken in the area of teacher education; and c)Indicating the institutional capacity building needs and strategies for research. A comprehensive awareness campaign to disseminate guidelines for the promoting the research agenda is also being delivered.

Description of actual services provided by FAME staff within the assignment

FAME is conducting the entire assignment that include: a) situation analysis; b) future directions in research (e.g. potential research topics, relevant methodologies, envisaged outcomes); c) implementation plan for promoting research in teacher education subsector in Sindh (including for instance: research capacity building plan for the institution, and research dissemination plan/ strategy).

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