Third Party Validation of recruitment of Educators and AEOs in School Education Department (2018)

During the financial year 2017-18, School Education Department (SED), Government of Punjab, made recruitment against 25034 positions of educators and Assistant Education Officers (AEOs) through District Education Authorities (DEAs).

The purpose of the TPV was to evaluate the recruitment and selection process employed by the district governments, and validate the selection of the candidates, with the objective to review whether all processes relating to recruitment and documentation were complying with SED Recruitment Policy 2017-18, and that recruitment was undertaken in the most efficient and transparent manner. The TPV team reviewed the SED policy and procedures, and physically verified the records of 4885 selected Educators (which is 20% of the total posts) and 305 selected AEOs (which is 50% of the total posts).

In order to verify the record, a Scrutiny Form was developed with customized software for the digitization of the applicants’ credentials for comparison with the data already available with PMIU.

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