Final Programme Evaluation of the Project Children’s (especially girls aged 2-12) access to quality education with improved infrastructure and a safe learning environment


The project was one of the efforts contributing in the attainment of commitments of Government of Pakistan in EFA and MDGs. The project focused on revitalizing the underperforming public schools through public private partnerships to transform government schools into viable, self-sustained and quality driven education sites by introducing the concept of Whole School Improvement program (WSIP). WSIP initiatives were supplemented by introducing Catch up program to mainstream out of school children, the provision of back to school kits to facilitate and encourage enrolment and the Early Childhood Development Canters (ECDs) to enable quick learning and healthy growth for children aged 6 months to 5 years. The program is inspired by the learning and good practices of the “Dubai Cares Whole School Improvement Project for enhancement of girls’ enrolment and retention” in South Punjab with Oxfam. The project, targeting 300 schools, showcases the tremendous possibilities of creating a learning environment conducive in government schools with community engagement, qualified teachers and parents as duty bearers. The project with ITA is established in South Punjab and Sindh, both highly affected by the floods.

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