Research Study: Review of the School Council Mobilization Programme and implementation of School Council Policy 2013


A School Council Policy 2007 has been followed in 36 districts of the Punjab. A revised School Council Policy was notified in 2013 and implemented for reconstitution of School Councils during FY 2012-13 in 50% Primary and Middle Schools of the five districts of the Punjab (Attock, Chiniot, Jhelum, Lodhran and Sargodha). PMIU-PESRP, with the assistance of the World Bank to support and scale up specific interventions to improve educational outcomes, is looking forward to make the School Councils more vibrant to enhance their effectiveness in managing public sector schools for better educational outcomes.  Before implementing the concept into next 10 districts a third party review of the School Council Mobilisation Programme in five selected districts was to be completed. Total 12 instruments were developed. The data collection instruments after the approval of PMIU were translated into Urdu. The Urdu version of the instruments was revised in the light of pilot testing at district Chiniot, before administering them on the actual sample.

Data was collected from 500 schools and their attached communities. The team of two persons comprising of a senior and a junior enumerator collected all types of data from school and community through instruments 1 to 10. This included; a) document review, b) interviews with head teachers, c) focus group discussions with parents and general members of the School Councils, and d) extended focus group discussions with the parents and general members of the School Councils of selected 15 schools of the district. Survey Supervisor collected data at the district levels through instrument 11 and 12. This includes: a) document review at the offices of EDO (Edu), Dy DEOs and AEOs and b) interview of EDO (Edu), DEOs, Dy DEOs and AEOs. The collected data was tabulated and transformed into interpretable information. Total respondents were 2535.

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