Services offered by Fame Consultants

FAME’ team has long experience in helping schools to develop their teaching and learning, and in reviewing the quality of their work, can be used to monitor the overall operation of an education system.

It is quite likely that you already have training and development in place for your schools: what you need is an objective, external assessment of its effectiveness. You can call on our many years of experienced team to bring a rigorous critique to bear on the standards that are being achieved.

We go further. Often when private or public sector school systems embark on some initiative they monitor its progress but only as a compliance check. Our approach is to monitor, evaluate, review – and revise where necessary, so there is a genuinely decisive cycle of change.


FAME works with people and organizations considering setting up public or private school systems to develop the business case for such investment: will it be viable, what is the parental interest, how much will it cost to run the curriculum and what sources of funding can they find?

FAME has a huge range of expertise that we can call upon in the many fields that this requires, such as management consultants and infrastructure finance specialists. We know how to go about building a curriculum, the levels of staffing required to deliver it effectively to children, and therefore how much that is going to cost. We pull all of this advice together to build an integrated business case.

We also work with established school systems and universities on what they are trying to achieve and how they can best do so. In drafting their plan with them, we consider the likely impact two years on and draw on the synergies with our expertise in building design and in change management to ensure a pragmatic approach.


FAME deploys high quality intervention and training in order to build sustainable practice within education systems.

At one level we can run national conferences and delegate training around very specific needs such as explaining new government guidance to head teachers and senior managers. Doing so, we are helping them build their knowledge and understand how they should be applying the learning in their own situations.

At another level, we can help head teachers and senior managers to improve leadership and management, or a range of other technical skills related to teaching or the delivery of particular areas of a curriculum within their school. Through dialogue with our clients we customize our research-based core elements to meet their needs for ‘job-embedded’ training.


FAME routinely calls on the latest rigorous scientific research into effective education strategies in compiling our customized approaches to school development, and is an important partner in other people’s research.

Increasingly we are also writing up the findings of our own action-based research in collaboration with the schools we are helping.


FAME’s team is well versed in designing and managing study visits from one country to another for education officials and teachers, often as part of a larger project.

Trips of this sort allow educators to learn, to make contacts, exchange ideas and opportunities – whether at a very senior, ministerial level or among classroom teachers. As an element within a project that we are managing, we might think it would be beneficial for a group of people in one country to experience the way that things are handled elsewhere. We would therefore design a study visit, handle the practicalities, and have someone accompany the delegates to mediate and to help them think about what they are learning. We would then continue to work with them on their return, to take forward what they have learnt in their own situations.

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